Is Myspace plans to a power come back?  May be. The quickly fired social network, then sudden death, network Myspace to relaunched soon with a complete change. The officials of the social networks believes that Myspace can be return with more power. 

An official announcement form the network says that “Coming soon a new Myspace. We are hard at work building the new Myspace, entirely from scratch. But we are staying true to our roots in one important way empower people to express themselves how ever they want”. The new Myspace is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

Myspace is the worlds largest social networking site in the year 2005. In one time Myspace beat the search engine giant Google on traffic in US. After the invasion of Facebook, Myspace struggles and loss the users. In 2005 News Corporation purchased Myspace for $580 million and sold after 6 years for $35 billion. According to the comScore Myspace has 54 million users.