World famous luxury phone brand Vertu launches its Ti model in India, in this month. Its price is as low as 6,49,990 INR. Company introduced their first phone in 1988, since then Vertu is pet model for millionares in Europe, Middle east, Hongkong, U.S.A and Singapore. And even now Vertu is the status symbol for celebrities in these countries.

Even though its rate is multiples of lakhs, its specifications are just same as that of usual smart phones in India. Vertu has dual core 1.7 GHz cpu processor, 1 GB RAM, 64 GB inbuilt memory, 8 MP camera which is capable to record 1080 p video, 1.3 MP front camera. And this’s the first android phone from Vertu.

According to Vertu, phone is made with 184 different parts, and each part is hand made by its skill workers in England. Grade 5 Titanium is used to make the body. Vertu Ti is available in selected outlets in 8 major cities in India. Company has two showrooms in South India and both are in Bangalore.