Are you ready to get your dream Yahoo! username? Time to start. The new Yahoo usernames will be sent out from today. On last July the search engine company announced that resetting inactive IDs of inactive accounts and users can apply for their perfect username. Its named wishlist that allows users to create an list of usernames up to 5 in order of most wanted to least wanted.


For example if your username is and you wish to get a username you want to create a wishlist with the name if is inactive for the the last 12 months as per preferences you may get the username.

The username is designed to control your all properties form Yahoo like Yahoo Mail, Flickr and other Yahoo properties. Yahoo announced today that “Beginning today, you could find out if your dream Yahoo! username is now available. If you filled out the wishlist with your top five choices last month, you’ll be getting notified today about the username you’re able to claim as your very own. If you didn’t get your requested username this time around, that’s OK – because we’re launching a Watchlist and we’re automatically putting you on it for free.

If you already applied for your wishlist with your best top names you will notify today. The Wishlist is closed and now Yahoo offers Watchlist. The Watchlist helps the usernames who alreday not get their dream yahoo name but he still needs, they can apply for 5 Yahoo usernames. with the cost of just $1.99. Yahoo will notify you if your names will available for the next 3 years.