The Samsung galaxy note II and the iPhone 5 are present market competitors. Both came to the market last year and did good business as usual. However, the competition between the manufacturers is all set for the 2013 milestone. Samsung is all set to reveal the Galaxy Note 3 at the Berlin show in September.


Not to remain behind, Apple is also releasing the iPhone 5S in 2013 hopefully. The releases are probably going to clash, heating up the competition further. Without any official release, phone addicts have to depend on the leaked info as of now. The various sources of leaks are creating nice anticipatory mystery on both gadgets. Here are the various probable aspects between these amazing creations by the respective companies. Let’s take a look on the Comparison of both Phones.


A phone’s display is the first thing that attracts the user. Manufacturers keep on tweaking the display with various results. Rumors have it that iPhone 5S would have the same display as iPhone5. This conjecture comes from the understanding that both iPhone 5 and the 5S belong to the same series. Users are expecting Apple to make a change in display in iPhone 6, which arrives in 2014.

So, before the iPhone 6, Apple users have to stay content with the 4 inch display. However, geek guesses point out that Smasung Galaxy Note 3 is going to have a bigger display than the iPhone 5S. You can be expecting a 5.7 inch screen with full HD 1080p resolution. Since the Galaxy Note 2 did not have this feature, the tech world is expecting Samsung to make this improvement.

 There are more expectations of Samsung’s new display experience. In fact, many circles are reporting that Samsung would be providing multiple display options. So, AMOLED, LCD and flexible displays are all among the possible options you can expect. Samsung recently introduced the flexible Youm technology at a CES.

Many are guessing that this new display option would find its way to Samsung Galaxy Note 3. iPhone 5S, on the other hand, can have the Retina display.            


The design expectations are also rife. Rumors suggest that Apple’s contentment with the iPhone 5 would not see a design shift. The iPhone 5 is one of the slimmest devices around, and it also has a compact feel in metal casing. There is a heightened professionalism in iPhone 5, and Apple would probably not change it.  The iPhone 5 is only 7.1 mm thin and weighs around 112 gm. Previous design trends show that Apple does not usually change the design for two years. So, iPhone 5S falls in the category of maintaining the same design.

Samsung is generating more expectations. Tentative ideas are floating on the new Galaxy! A source of information states that Samsung may release four different designs to capture a diverse market. So, you can expect cheap plastic models, as well as a premium model with metal casing. You can also expect a microSD card slot along with a removable back in the Samsung galaxy. These are features unavailable in iPhone 5.  Users are also expecting the size of Note 3 to dwarf the iPhone 5S.


Apple believed that it has to always improve its camera features in subsequent models. The Apple iPhone 5S is probably not going to be any exception. Besides, Apple has a reputation of offering better cameras than other companies do. It is up to this year’s release to see whether the company lives up to the reputation. Expectations with the new camera include a 13 Megapixel sensor with dual LED flash. About Samsung, it may also have a 13 MP camera sensor. Additionally, it may also have a 3X optical zoom.


The more powerful the processor is, the better is the phone’s performance. Processor comparison is another important aspect. There is a lot of contention about which phone would be more multitasking. It is almost certain that both Apple and Samsung are going to upgrade their CPUs. The iPhone 5S may have the new A7 chip from Apple. The Galaxy Note 3 may have the Qualcomm quad core snapdragon 800 chip. It may also have an in -house chip from Samsung. Again, Samsung may have both chips installed in the different variations of Galaxy Note 3. Certainly, both phones are going to provide similar stellar performances on the advanced chips.

Operating System

Apple may run the closed system iOS, especially the iOS7. Geeks are guessing that the new Galaxy is going to have an android system. Probably, the phone would run on the open source Android 4.2 or 4.3. There are in fact various differences between iOS and Android. This is essentially a matter of habituation and brand fascination. Sometimes, it may be also about trying out a new software system. Apple users generally do not shift from their brand. However, given the multiple features of Samsung, the tech world may notice a slight shift. Well, users can also keep both phones, effectively having the best of both.


The online rumor mills are almost completely blank on this. Consumers do not mind paying a few extra bucks for their favorite brand. The price difference is not going to be much, so brand recognition is going to rule the roost.   


The tech world is almost there with September being the month of release. For now, there are only guesses and conjectures. Once the products arrive at the market, a definite picture would evolve. So, you can just hold your breath and keep a close watch on the market situation.