Twitter’s big numbers speak volumes. The social networking giant delivers nearly an infinity of tweets every single day, which means it is quite difficult to keep up. With millions of users, it is interesting to note the statistics of Twitter and how it manages to remain successful.

Generally speaking, Twitter gains new registered user accounts at around 1.5 accounts per second or 135,000 new accounts per day. The number of tweets that are made by users equals 9,100 per second and 58 million on each given day. The Search function is extremely popular and widely used throughout Twitter, with 24,000 being performed each second and 2.1 billion searches made per day.

Among a sea of tweets, it naturally gets difficult to keep up with everything. However, Twitter has a way to keep you up to date on the most important daily topics with what they call trending tools. When a topic is currently trending, the social networking website will present it to users in what is known as a hashtag, which will show up in search results. The purpose of a hashtag is to get as many followers to a Twitter account as possible. The number of followers of individuals who have used following hashtags is referred to as “potential reach.”

Some examples of hashtags can be seen in those that trend throughout Twitter each and every week. There is literally a hashtag for every day of the week. Mondays see #mancrushMonday, Tuesdays are for #transformationTuesday, Wednesday is the day for #waybackWednesday, Thursdays represent the #throwbackThursday hashtag, Fridays are some of the most commonly used with their #FF or #followFriday hashtag, Saturdays have the #saturdaynight, #saturdaymorning and #Saturdays hashtag and Sundays are #selfieSunday. These daily based hashtags can expand into the hundreds of millions of fellow Twitter users and even draw more followers to you.

One of the most impressive things about Twitter is when you get a response from some of the biggest names on the social networking website. These are people, brands or companies that boast the most followers. A few of these include Justin Bieber, who has 44.4 million followers, Katy Perry with 42.6 million followers, Lady Gaga, who boasts 40 million followers, President Barack Obama with 36.4 million followers, Taylor Swift with 33.8 million followers, YouTube, which has 33.3 million followers and Britney Spears, who has 31.7 million followers.

When using hashtags, it is essential to be careful of which one you use. You should first check to see what each hashtag is associated with so that you can avoid receiving the wrong message in response.