Facebook is still the king for publishers who need more traffic to their contents. The worlds largest social networking platform drives more traffic to the publishers than Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. The social network 10.4% of traffic to the publishers website in last September according to the data published Statista from 200,000 publishers.

The surprising factor is Pinterest is the the second social network after Facebook drives more traffic to publishers than the micro-blogging platform Twitter. Pinterest drives 3.7% of traffic to publishers and Twitter with 1.2%.

StumbleUpon drives traffic to users with 0.6%, Reddit and YouTube with 0.3%, LinkedIn with 0.1% and the search engine giant Google’s social network is placed in last of the list with just 0.04%.

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube increased their percentage to traffic serves to publishers, StumbleUpon and Reddit decreased in the percentage and LinkedIn and Google+ doesn’t change in the percentages compare to September 2012.

Credit – Statista.com