Twitter is a great social networking platform to make conversations easily. The major highlight Twitter there is nothing private on Tweets. That’s why Twitter is considered as a source of breaking news.

Twitter is really easy to use compare to any other social platforms. No more tough rules or settings. But you should care this fact while Tweeting on Twitter. Do not start a public Tweet with @symbol. Why?

Here how tweet starts with @symbol works.

@Mashable i’m Anzil – This Tweet can seen only by you, Mashable and users who follow you and Mashable.

.@Mashable i’m Anzil – You, Mashable and all your followers.

I’m Anzil @Mashable – You, Mashable and all your followers.

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Do not Start a Public Tweet with @, if you are targeting that Tweet to all. If you starts a Tweet with @ Twitter will consider that Tweet as a conversation between just those two users.