Emerging technology platform Solaborate.com launched their own social sharing button. If you are not familiar with Solaborate.com, its consider as the one of the best emerging platform for technology professionals.

According to Forbes “Solaborate is a combination of the words “social” and “collaboration” and comes with a twist. This social network is geared for technology professionals.”

According to the experts Solaborate.com is the best alternative for LinkedIn who need real time collaboration. So far LinkedIn doesn’t allows users to communicate directly like real time chatting or video calling. But in Solaborate users can chat from the network, can make audio calls only, video calls. Through file and screen sharing Solaborate highly improved their communication capabilities. Solaborate also enables technology companies to support and demonstrate their products or services better by creating a richer and more personalized customer experience.

You can manually add Solaborate.com’s social sharing button on your site. If you are using WordPress you just need to install Solaborate.com’s WordPress plugin on your blog.

Click here to Download Solaborate.com’s social sharing button for your WordPress Blog.

Click here to install Solaborate.com’s social sharing button manually on your website.