Twitter is one of ideally social site there we can accompany famous people and read about them on their tweet upgrades on twitter. Be that as it may i don’t prefer one thing on twitter is that they permit just 140 characters on for every tweet. In this way, suppose it is possible that you need impart your thoughts or considerations in more than 140 characters.

In the event that you compose a tweet with long URL then you have one choice is that you can abbreviate your URL utilizing Google Shortner . What’s more after that you can finish your tweet and offer. 🙁 No stress! Here’s 5 best apparatus for it, you can pick any one instrument which you lean toward and it will permit you to tweet more than 140 characters.
Tweet Longer/

Long tweet will changes your long tweet into a picture and distributed it on twitter. It might be conceivable in the new form of twitter to showcase pictures inside the tweets portions page. This is extraordinary point of interest of long tweet that it will impart your tweet as a picture showed straight on top of your tweet. your devotee will no compelling reason to leave twitter to read your long tweets.


Tall tweets is created by one of generally well known Indian blogger Amit Agrawal from Digital Inspiration. This instrument is uses one of most fittingly Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan .

Amitabh Bachchan to kick off, sign in with your twitter record, create a tweet and hit distribute. In the event that there are hyperlinks in your tweet, they’ll be abbreviated utilizing immediately.


Twishort is likewise one of most fittingly device for compose more extended messages, we adores twitter’s short quotes however some an opportunity we have to few character increasingly to give right message, thus, this sort of scenarios dependably here for help you. 🙂

4. is an administration that permits you to tweet more drawn out than 140 characters. Likewise receptive and client inviting on versatile gadgets.


Twitlonger is the simple approach to post more drawn out than 140 characters to Twitter.all administrations are practically free and simple to utilize. you need to simply login with your twitter record and commission it. After that, you can tweet more than 140 words.