Dropbox is one of the popular cloud storage service that allows you to easily store photos, videos, documents, etc. If you are looking for a simple, secure and convenient cloud storage service Dropbox is just for you.

Dropbox only gives 2GB of free storage if you signed up. This is one of the disadvantages why people are looking for Dropbox alternatives. Today we are listing the best Dropbox alternatives to use on 2016. Here we go.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is the best alternative to Dropbox for most people. Simply Google Drive gives a clean 15GB of storage for all who sign up for a Google account.

Attachments sent and received in Gmail as well as your email messages use your Google Drive storage. Photos bigger than 2048×2048 pixels use your storage but everything smaller than that is free.

2. Box

Box comes next into our list. Box gives 10GB of free storage space for all users for the lifetime. You can upload 250MB maximum file size in a free account. Box starter plan comes with $6 user/month, 100GB Storage and a limit of 2GB of file size.

3. Copy

Copy is the cloud storage service I’m using to store my personal files and documents. One of the highlights that I love Copy over any other cloud storage services is that there is no maximum file size limit even on free accounts.

4. pCloud

pCloud comes next into our list. pCloud is new to cloud storage service compare to other services like Google Drive, Box or Dropbox, but still worth to try. You can instantly 10 GB free online storage space while you sign up for pCloud account. Like other services mentioned earlier, you can download pCloud for your desktop and it will sync perfectly on your background.

5. Degoo

Degoo is another alternative to Dropbox gives a massive 100 GB of online storage for free. You can also upgrade to Premium and get 2 TB backup space and more. Degoo ensures that they are using military grade encryption and store multiple copies of each file, to make sure it’s always there when you need.

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6. Mega

Mega comes last into our list as a best alternative to Dropbox. You will get a clean 50 GB of space for free while you sign up for Mega. On Mega, your data is encrypted and decrypted during transfer by your device means no one can see your data’s even Mega team too.

No OneDrive? Are you sure?

You might be surprise that why I didn’t listed OneDrive here as an alternative here. The answer is simple, OneDrive plans to reduce their free file storage space from 15 GB to 5 GB in 2016. Is that crazy? OneDrive is the only cloud storage service that is reducing the free space top users.