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Content Makes Money

I don’t know how many people on the internet most of the day are looking to make money, but it is a large percentage of those that are on the net. “Make money from home” seems like it is every person’s dream. Content makes money my friends, and to create content is easy. Why isn’t ...

How to Write Quick Blog Posts?

Have you ever been in a situation in which you needed to write a new post ASAP with less than an hour? It has happened to all bloggers at some point or another. Obviously it is better to prevent the from happening by either staying on track or having an extra post available at all ...

Reddit for Traffic Generation

When running an online business there is one thing that is important to all of us and that is getting noticed. Today one of the most prominent sources of our traffic is of course social media-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and many more. There is one though that always get’s left out. It is the unpopular ...

Reasons why WordPress is the Best CMS

Everyday people create new blogs, and everyday people all over the web have to choose on which platform they will use to create their blog. Everyday a bloggers somewhere around the world decides to change the platform that he/she is working on. The available platforms vary, but the popular ones are WordPress (.org/.com), Jumla, Drupal, ...

LinkedIn Etiquette: Personalization and Professionalism

In everything you do, there is a different standard of etiquette. At school and work, there is different etiquette, and even on social media sites the etiquette varies from site to site. LinkedIn is the “business” social network, and so there is a difference between it and its brethren. LinkedIn Etiquette is… Image Credit - Personalization Private ...

Don’t Write Angry Blog Posts

Have you ever come across a blog post, and read it and then you are like, “wow, this is one angry blogger (or cry-baby)”? One thing that I notice from time to time is a blogger that has a problem with something, and instead of writing how to solve or what happened in the proper ...