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Google Shows Missing Keywords below Search Results

Search engine Google now shows missing keywords below search results. If you use a long query on Google, but might Google ignore some of your keywords.  Image Credit - Google officially announced on their blog post says that 'Maybe there aren't many results that match all your keywords or maybe some of them are redundant. Google now shows a list ...

Top 10 Social Media Brands in 2013

Which is the most popular social media brand in 2013? Top 10 brands in 2013? Surprisingly Samsung went to No.1 spot and Walt Disney at No. 2. published the report, which compiled data across popular social networking sites. According to their reports Samsung earned 16 million new followers across multiple platform in last 12 months. Here we go ...

A Newbies Guide To Infographic Marketing

Infographic marketing; what is it you ask? Basically, an infographic is a photo book of information. It could be anything from a presentation of data, to information or knowledge - but whatever they’re used for they are easily understood by the viewer. That’s what’s so great about them and why they are a great way ...

Meet – Free Website Builder, Free Hosting, No Ads

Now a days the modern internet users are behind social networking sites for their personal use like making friends, joining team or for business purposes. Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and professional networking platform LinkedIn rules the internet world. In this era, social networking platforms are great to make business and to find your ...

6 Steps to Create an Awesome LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional networking platform in January 2013 the network hits 200 Million members and now according to Wikipedia reports LinkedIn counts over 250 million users. We knows that LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool for recruiting, networking, job hunting etc. You should have a good profile for the job hunt on LinkedIn. Its a ...