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What is Twitter Custom Timelines and How to use that on TweetDeck?

Micro-blogging platform Twitter introduced a new feature named 'Custom Timelines.' With the the new feature users can create their own custom timelines with about a particular program, event with related tweets. What you can do with this? Share the best Tweets about a topic you care about, or an event –– planned or unplanned –– that’s happening ...

3 Strategies that Professional Options Traders Could Use

Today's investment landscape is more confusing than ever, with the evolving dynamics of government uncertainty, computerized trading, and a macroeconomic climate that hinges on global stimuli. It can be fairly dizzying, to watch all this unfold as you attempt to make informed decisions with your investments.  As a result, many investors are taking a step ...

Using Vine for Marketing

In January of 2012 Twitter released its video capture and sharing program known as Vine. Unlike YouTube and other video sharing websites, the idea behind this program was that it would be exclusively for the mobile audience. With smartphone usage on the rise everywhere in the world it only made sense that the social media ...

7 Common Adsense Myths you should Avoid

Bloggers dream makes money with their blogs. Where from the start? Yes starting from Google Adsense. One of the biggest dreams on Bloggers is getting approval from Google Adsense and making a decent money. In the beginning Bloggers think that they can easily make money from Adsense, the fact is most Bloggers fail to make ...

This 6 second Instagram Video will Definitely make you Laugh

Instagram images are popular and their quick videos too. Instagram allows users to upload up to 15 seconds video in single time. Some times users makes that funny and interesting. It make us sometimes feels good and sometimes laugh. Here is a 6 second Instagram video will make you laugh. The video is uploaded by leenabanayosi today on ...

The Growth of Google+ – From June 2011 to Current Day (Infographic)

Google+, the social networking platform from the search engine giant Google. The site launched on June 28, 2011. In that time Google+ suspended early invites due to an 'insane demand' for new accounts. After 2 months on August each Google+ member had 150 invitations to give out. In September 2011 Google+ opened to everyone 18 years old. After some months of ...