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How to Make Your Social Media Page Unique?

If one were to browse around various user profiles on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular social networks, one would find a very mono thematic atmosphere. With brand pages, however, you find something different. You find that the popular, successful brands are original and seek to set trends rather than simply following them. ...

9 Tips for Keeping your Internet usage Private (Infographic)

Nothing is secret in your Internet activity. If you are searching or just creating a network with friends. If you are searching something on Google or in Yahoo and creating friends via social networks like Facebook or Twitter the data's are collected and its accessible for the service providers anytime. They are monitoring your usage. Its ...

2 Million Google, Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo accounts Passwords Stolen in massive hack

One of the greatest massive attack just happens. Near 2 Million Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo passwords stolen. According to CNN's report The massive data breach was a result of keylogging software maliciously installed on an untold number of computers around the world, researchers at cyber security firm Trustwave said. The virus was capturing log-in credentials for ...

Shoppok – Complete free Local Classified for your Business

Classified posting, one of the traditional, successful way to promote your business. Its a great way to show your service, business, product to sell or to buy. Classified postings are used in different ways. It helps you to increase your websites traffic, ranking and the business. Popular companies doing a lot of classified works because classified ...

Apple buys Twitter Search and Analytics tool Topsy for $200 Million

Apple buys Twitter search and analytics tool Topsy for $200 Million. The company confirmed  it acquired the social analytics firm Topsy Labs. Twitter recommends Topsy in its official guide for journalists. The new was first reported by The Wall Street Journal Apple recently acquired social-media analytics firm Topsy Labs Inc. Topsy specializes in analyzing the global conversation on Twitter. TWTR +1.45% Its ...