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Beautiful new look for Google’s Photo Sharing site Panoramio

Panoramio search engine giant Google's photo sharing site changed the interface. Now it has a new look, more professional. Panoramio is a geo-location oriented photo sharing website that launched in 2005. In  2007 total number of 1 million user submitted photos to the site and in 2007 July the site was acquired by Google.   Image Credit - Panoramio officially ...

Skype plans to Introduce 3D Video Calls

The worlds largest video calling service Skype confirms that 3D video calls are under development. The news reported by BBC by a senior executive in an exclusive interview before Skype's tenth anniversary.     Image Credit - Mark Gillett the head of Skype says in the interview that 'We've done work in the labs looking at the capability of 3D-screens and ...

Mashable introduced New Job Board

One of the worlds popular blog Mashable introduced their own job board named 'Mashable Job Board'.  Mashable announced on their official blog that 'We are very excited to announce the launch of the new Mashable Job Board. If you’re searching for your dream job or looking to fish in a fresh candidate pool, check out the just-launched ...

Facebook to start Shared photo albums

Social Networking giant Facebook preparing a new feature to add on their services. Its called 'Shared Albums' that will allows multiple users to contribute on a single album. The new feature will be rolled out from today.     Image Credit - Mashable The new system will be help to engage more users and it may be like a photo ...

Ready to get your dream Yahoo! username? New Yahoo usernames will be sent out from today

Are you ready to get your dream Yahoo! username? Time to start. The new Yahoo usernames will be sent out from today. On last July the search engine company announced that resetting inactive IDs of inactive accounts and users can apply for their perfect username. Its named wishlist that allows users to create an list of usernames ...

Yahoo Acquires IQ Engines an Image-Recognition Startup

Yahoo made yet another acquisition. This time the acquisition made for their photo sharing service Flickr. Yahoo snapped the company IQ Engines, an image-recognition startup.   IQ Engines officially announce on their website that 'We are thrilled to announce that IQ Engines is joining the Flickr team at Yahoo!. As longtime Flickr fans and fellow photography enthusiasts, we ...