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Mohammed Anzil | Social Positives - Part 146

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Do not Start a Public Tweet with @Symbol

Twitter is a great social networking platform to make conversations easily. The major highlight Twitter there is nothing private on Tweets. That's why Twitter is considered as a source of breaking news. Twitter is really easy to use compare to any other social platforms. No more tough rules or settings. But you should care this fact ...

The Top 5 iOS Applications for Managing All Your Debts

Debt is very common nowadays. One can just easily accrue debt with the use of their credit cards and any other easy methods. While debt can sometimes be helpful to us, it is undeniable that, most often than not, debt puts people in a big financial mess. Many people drown in their debts simply because they ...

Turkish Twitter User Jailed For Using ‘Allah’ in His Handle

A Turkish Twitter user jailed for using Allah in his handle. Turkish court a 15 month jail term to a teacher over Twitter posts deemed religiously offensive. According to Turkish News Website Hurriyet Daily News The user, Allah (c.c.), or @CenabiAllah, was charged with “humiliating the religious values accepted by a part of the people.' Hurriyet Daily News continuous ...

YouTube Around the World

YouTube the worlds largest place to find videos, a social networking platform with millions of users as well as considered as the worlds second largest search engine behind Google. Founded in 2005 by former PayPal employees and in 2006 the site was bought by Google for $1.65 billion. Every second one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube, 6 ...

Rakuten Marketing Acquires DC Storm for Omni-channel Attribution

Rakuten Marketing acquires DC storm for omni-channel attribution. The terms of deal were not disclosed yet. Rakuten Marketing today announced it has acquired DC Storm. An award winning UK-based technology company, DC Storm provides digital marketers with an omni-channel attribution, measurement and reporting platform, analytics tools, and consulting services. Yaz Iida, chief executive officer, Rakuten Marketing says “DC ...

Google Webmaster Tools Adds Fetch and Render

Google webmaster tool Fetch adds new function Fetch and Render. With this tool you can see how Google bot renders the page. At normal fetch you can see only an output of code and HTML, but with render Google will show a visual representation of what Google bot sees. Google officially announced through their Webmaster blog says 'In ...

Explosive Growth of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, now its really a growing trend. What is could computing? According to Wikipedia 'Cloud computing involves computing over a network, where a program or application may run on many connected computers at the same time.' 'It specifically refers to a computing hardware machine or group of computing hardware machines commonly referred as a server ...