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Mohammed Anzil | Social Positives - Part 146

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Your Blog is Not Getting Noticed? Here is The Fix!

Among the online professions, blogging has created sensations all over. Being a blogger, I can proudly say there is no such exciting profession as blogging. Its benefits are so long that we can’t express all of them in words. A successful blog can let us brand ourselves, build credibility and help to make money as ...

How Google and Apple Are Disrupting Education and Changing the World

How technology changing the education systems? How tech giants like Google and Apple are disrupting education and changing the world? Today we are sharing and interesting infographic the two American Multi-corporation giants changing the education systems with convenience and availability of the information, the communication revolution and a big rise of web based researches. Look the Infographic. Infographic ...

Cloud Computing Myths Unveiled

Even though cloud computing has been around for quite a while, there are still people out there that don’t really have the clearest of pictures on what exactly is it that this term means. However, a lack of knowledge on the subject won’t always prevent people from spreading the misinformation that they were led to ...

Introducing Google My Business

Search engine company Google launched new platform that helps business owners to connect with customers. Service named as 'Google My Business.' Google announced through a blog entry 'The Internet is connecting more businesses with their people every day. However, our users tell us that finding these loyal customers can be complex and time-consuming. We believe it ...

Know your Daily Limit on Sending Email in Gmail

Is there any daily limits to sending email from Gmail? Might be we never thought about that. We knows we can only allowed to attach 25 MB files while our total storage limited to 15 GB. Any limit on sending Emails? Yes, Google limits the number of emails that you can send through your account in ...

Firefox 30 arrives with Sidebars Button

Mozilla today officially announced Firefox 30 for Windows, Mac, Linux and for Android. The latest version includes a button for direct access to sidebars for social bookmark and history. Here’s the full change log for Firefox 30: Desktop New: Sidebars button in browser chrome enables faster access to social, bookmark, & history sidebars. New: Mac OS X command-E sets ...

Facebook launches Trending World Cup Hub for Soccer Fans

Facebook has launched trending World Cup hub  that helps soccer fans to keep in touch with all news and updates coming out of the world cup. The World Cup hub shows the latest scores, highlights from matches and an interactive feed showing posts from playres, temas as well as friends. Facebook announced today through ...