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Pocket to Kindle – Move Article for Free

Pocket is the best read it later app I ever used. The best Pocket alternative is Instapaper, no doubt at all. If you plan to move from Pocket to Instapaper, this post should help you.I think you know Amazon Kindle is a popular reading device from Amazon that puts millions of books at your fingertips. ...

Daily Proxy Sites 2018

Sometimes you might be face problems while you try to access some websites, that the website is not available or URL has been blocked. If you still want to access that website you can use a proxy website.Proxy websites will also help you to surf the internet anonymously. Today we are listing the best 50 free ...

How to Get 200 Followers on Instagram

The Facebook-owned Instagram is one of the popular, crowded social networks. From just a mobile app, now the social network Instagram makes an impact on 150 Million monthly active users. Not only just image sharing site, in 2014, Instagram introduced video sharing, that allows users to create and share 15-second quick videos to the network.This ...