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Sarahah Alternative – Top Alternatives to Sarahah

Sarahah Alternative - Today on SocialPositives.com, we are listing some of the best alternatives to Sarahah. What is Sarahah? Simply it is an app that lets you Get honest feedback from your coworkers and friends.Anyone can comment about your work, business, and character if you allow them. Yes, the comments are anonymous.Sarahah Alternative Now users are really ...

Instagram Password Hack – Is that Possible?

Instagram Password Hack - Today I noticed an interesting question on a webmaster forum. His question is related to the one of the world's popular photo-sharing site Instagram.It's not about to get more followers on Instagram, but how to hack an Instagram account? Is possible to hack an Instagram account? Isn't that easy as he thinks? ...

Best iOS Task Manager for 2017

iOS Task Manager - Today on SocialPositives.com, we are listing some of the best iOS task managers worth to try in 2017.If you search on the iOS store for 'task manager' or 'to do list', you can find dozens of apps solely dedicated to scheduling and organizing your life to the next level.iOS Task Manager Which is ...

pCloud Public Folder – Dropbox Public Folder Alternative

pCloud, one of the emerging cloud storage services recently introduced pCloud Public Folder a great alternative to Dropbox folder.pCloud announced on their blog post says that 'The Public Folder might be familiar to some of you already, who’ve used Dropbox before. We took this idea and sprinkled it with some extra tweaks, leading to what most would think ...