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Twitter acquires Trendrr to improve its TV Business

Twitter has acquired Trendrr, a company that tracks and analyzes conversation about TV shows on Twitter and other social media sites like Facebook  according to a blog post by Trendrr founder Mark Ghuneim. As a result of the acquisition, Trendrr’s founder Mark Ghuneim says existing contracts will be honored for Trendrr.TV, but it is not accepting ...

Tweeting was popular in 19th century

Twitter's 140-character microblogging platform was revolutionary when Jack Dorsey and friends introduced it in 2006. But microblogging was already very popular in the 19th century,said Lee Humphreys, assistant professor of communication, at Cornell University. She detailed the relationship between historical and contemporary media in  lecture on campus.'To submit a message on Twitter, it has to be under 140 characters,' ...

Delete your web accounts with

Deletion of online accounts- Facebook, Skype, Myspace, Whatsapp- was quite difficult till now. Because unaware about how to delete such accounts, many kept it idle or later forgot it. But it maybe a problem for you in future, as there's slight increase in the hacking reports  for the last recent years. Someone may steal your ...

Vertu Ti smart phone launches in India, at just 6.5 lakhs !!!

World famous luxury phone brand Vertu launches its Ti model in India, in this month. Its price is as low as 6,49,990 INR. Company introduced their first phone in 1988, since then Vertu is pet model for millionares in Europe, Middle east, Hongkong, U.S.A and Singapore. And even now Vertu is the status symbol for ...

8 Best External Batteries to Charge Your Mobile on the Go

Here's the some of the best external battery packs available in the market to charge your mobile on the go..................   1) TYLT ENERGI This's a  is a portable charger with a built-in battery and must need a travel accessory. It will provide upto 5 hours additional talk time,One full charge to a smart phone,1/3 charge to a tablet. ...