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7 Best Resourceful Joomla Extensions

Joomla is one amongst the most popular and power packed open source content management systems that we have today. It is classy, feature rich, user friendly and is the best match for extensive, demanding and large scale website, with a simple and intuitive admin panel. If you own a website which is powered by this ...

Use of Social Media in Generating Sales

Gone are the days when a firm handshake, a poised demeanor, and a confident pitch alone would sell a product. The world of brand exposure and consumer connection is a living-breathing thing, constantly roving from strategy to strategy. Perhaps the most significant marketing niche to evolve in the past decade has been the use of social ...

Android Mobile Design Practices (Part 1)

Android is an attractive platform for developers, but not all designers share the same enthusiasm. Making an app look great and feel great across many hundreds of devices with all the different combinations of screen size, pixel density and aspect ratio is not easy. Android’s diversity creates plenty of challenges, but creating apps to run ...

How Internet Marketing For Lawyers Play an Important Role for those Lawyers who are Just Getting Started?

We all love spending time online. Be it for chatting or for shopping stuffs, more than half of our day goes in finding stuffs on net. Internet is one communication medium that has the widest reach and the best part is – it demands least investment. Each and every sector of economy is affected by ...

Cloud Computing Myths Unveiled

Even though cloud computing has been around for quite a while, there are still people out there that don’t really have the clearest of pictures on what exactly is it that this term means. However, a lack of knowledge on the subject won’t always prevent people from spreading the misinformation that they were led to ...