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How to Install and Use Amazon Publisher Studio on your WordPress Blog?

Amazon affiliate program is a good choice to make money with your blog if you had good visitors count on your blog. At the end of the year 2013 Amazon launched a new tool called Publisher Studio. The Publisher studio allows you to easily create links on your site without even editing your page. You don't need ...

Amazon ‘Prime Air’ – Plans to Deliver Purchases with in 30 Minutes via Unmanned Drones

Worlds largest eCommerce company plans to introduce a new revolutionary purchase delivery system Amazon 'Prime Air'.  With Prime Air Amazon plans deliver purchases with in 30 minutes via unmanned drones. According to LosAngeles Times 'a futuristic delivery system that the company says will get packages into customers' hands in half an hour or less, delivered via ...

Amazon beats Microsoft in Employees headcount for the first time

Amazon the giant American international ecommerce company beats Microsoft corporation the leading multinational software company. Amazon today released their Q3 2013 earnings report and the employees details that the company now has 109,800 employees worldwide and the Microsoft has 100,518 employees right now. Amazon says their third quarter sales up 24% to $17.09 Billion. Amazon announced ...