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12 Reasons to Start Blogging

Have you ever wondered why people write a blog? Or still wondering, does blogging worth spending time? Why don’t people write books instead of writing a blog? If such questions are still unanswered for you then, I will answer you to these questions, as well as tell you some more things about Blogging. First of all, What is a Blog ...

Google AdSense Policies in a Nutshell – Get Your Ad Approved

Applying on Google AdSense is not difficult and is just a matter of precisely following all the guidelines and rules. There are numerous other ways of making money off the blog, but Google AdSense makes the best sense as it is the platform where most advertisers are interested in paying. Applying to Google AdSense can ...

The Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Writing

Writing is an interesting job to do, but pounding out words on the keyboard day after day while surrounded by many distractions can often lead to procrastination. If you are one of those writers who own a WordPress site, why don't you aid your writing process by using the best plugins available for writers? Having ...

How to Hide SumoMe Badge on your Blog

How to hide SumoMe Badge on your Blog? If you are a Blogger, you already heard about the popular website traffic tools provider SumoMe. SumoMe is one of the plugins I install every time when I start a new blog. SumoMe WordPress plugin helps me create email sign up forms, heatmaps, social sharing, etc. If you are ...

Send Chrome and Firefox Website Push Notifications to your Readers

How to send Push Notifications? - Newsletter and RSS reader services are great to inform your readers that a new blog post has been published on your blog. These are great ways to connect with your readers. What do you think about sending browser push notifications to your readers? What do you think about sending Chrome and ...

Post your Instagram Photos to Tumblr Automatically

Today we are writing an interesting tip related to the popular instant mobile photo-sharing Instagram and the microblogging platform and social networking website Tumblr. I’m using Instagram to share my precious photos with my friends and I would like to get that photo shared on my personal Tumblr photo sharing blog. I won't need to share the images ...
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