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What makes WordPress The Best Blogging Platform?

I had my first encounter with WordPress was a few years back when I was a rookie blogger It was a great and simple blogging platform that enabled me to seamlessly start spilling content over the Internet without much effort or any sort of endeavor. Ever since that fateful day I have never stopped using ...

How Blogging has changed in 5 years?

Blogging has diversified in many ways since few years. It was initially started as the writing medium for individual has grown up to company and serious business. I still remember the time when I started by blogging in 2008. Things were different back then. I think there has been massive change in the blogging world. ...

Blogger vs. WordPress: Battle of Blogging Platforms

If you’re blogging from quite a sometime, you would be aware of the blogging platforms such as blogger, WordPress and tumblr. There is a big list of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using blogger and WordPress. Let’s keep tumblr aside for the moment and concentrate on the battle between blogger vs. WordPress.   Blogger vs. ...