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Don’t Write Angry Blog Posts

Have you ever come across a blog post, and read it and then you are like, “wow, this is one angry blogger (or cry-baby)”? One thing that I notice from time to time is a blogger that has a problem with something, and instead of writing how to solve or what happened in the proper ...

Google launched their Official Adsense Plugin for WordPress Users

Its time to get Official Adsense WordPress plugin from Google. The search engine giant Google launched their official Adsense plugin for WordPress users. The plugin now in beta stage. The plugin helps WordPress users to integrate Google products within their sites easily. Google officially announced on their Adsense blogs says that 'We’ve heard from many ...

Things you Should Consider Before Making Backlinks to your Website

Before going to this post, let us consider some important things about backlinks.The word 'Backlinks' was actually started by Google,. When Google Spider comes to Crawl your website, it consider number of things while crawling, like. Domain age Fresh Content Daily Visitors Backlinks Things you should also consider when you are going to get backlinks. You should have a self hosted ...