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Which Embedding looks more beautiful, posts from Facebook, Twitter or from Google+?

In earlier only popular video uploading sites like YouTube and Vimeo allows users to embed videos to bloggers blog posts. Now all major social networking sites allows users to embed the posts from the site to their websites or to blogs. As earlier Social Networks like Twitter and Pinterest allows users to embed posts recently ...

Mark Zuckerberg to advice Twitter on its IPO plans

How Twitter will handle its much rumored Initial Public Offering plans ? Believe it or not, they may follow it's rival's, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's advices ! Mark Zuckerberg was asked at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, on Wednesday  to give his advice to Twitter about its rumored IPO plans. 'I'm kind of like the person you would ...

Facebook copied these Features from Twitter

Facebook or Twitter. I think there is no valuation in these types of calculations. Both are giants in social networking. Both are different on their platforms, Facebook is a complete network that used my millions and popular on the earth. Users using Facebook to make friendship, business, entertainment and social relations. Other hand Twitter the ...

Facebook added LinkedIn model Professional Skills section to user profiles

Social networking site Facebook just rolled out a new feature on their service. Facebook added LinkedIn model professional skills sections to user profiles. Its something similar to LinkedIn model profiles. Its easy to add your professional skill on your Facebook profile. Just go to your profile, click on about section and scroll down - you can seen ...