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What are the Best Words to use for Facebook, Twitter and Blog Titles to Get Shares?

Art of writing, attractive titles may bring more visitors to your blog. Its an real art writing attention grabbing titles to motivate our readers on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs to hit share buttons.Social Media experts says they looked at most shared contents on Social Media sites, they noticed a pattern,title words are likely more attractive.Blog posts ...

Facebook announced beta program for its Messenger Android app

Facebook announced beta program for its messenger Android app. The new program offers the latest versions of the app before the general release. Facebook officially announced on a release says Beginning today, the Facebook Messenger for Android beta program will give people who opt-in access to the latest versions of Messenger for Android before the general release. As with ...

How to send Business messages via Facebook?

When you think of sending a message to a friend, the first way you think of doing that is via Facebook. When you need to send a message to someone in regards to work or business, statistically speaking, Facebook is much less popular as LinkedIn and email are still the most popular forms of communicating ...