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How to Improve Your Brand Online Visibility Using Facebook?

Facebook is a social media platform that connects individuals around the world. This platform provides an opportunity for friends to chat and share ideas about their personal lives and upcoming events. In its genesis, people who wanted to make new and friends and people who wanted to connect with lost friends were mostly the users ...

Delete your web accounts with Justdelete.me

Deletion of online accounts- Facebook, Skype, Myspace, Whatsapp- was quite difficult till now. Because unaware about how to delete such accounts, many kept it idle or later forgot it. But it maybe a problem for you in future, as there's slight increase in the hacking reports  for the last recent years. Someone may steal your ...

Facebook to start Shared photo albums

Social Networking giant Facebook preparing a new feature to add on their services. Its called 'Shared Albums' that will allows multiple users to contribute on a single album. The new feature will be rolled out from today.     Image Credit - Mashable The new system will be help to engage more users and it may be like a photo ...

How Pinterest become successful when people already share images on Facebook?

Back to 2 years we ask to a guy he is a social network user that Whats's your favorite social networks? May be not may be definitely his answer is Facebook, Twitter and Yo  uTube. If we asks people now specially to women in US they will include another social network named 'Pinterest'.   In first look ...

Facebook on the Way to Change your Timeline Again

Time to change the Facebook timeline. Facebook is on the way to change your profile timeline again. Reports says that its been showing up for a limited number of users already. Its going to hit a large crowd soon. According to ABC News,  producers profile changed all ready to the new look. Facebook confirmed today that it’s ...

Mark Zuckerberg Gets Married (Top News)

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg gets married. He married his long time girl friend Priscilla Chan in a private wedding at his home Palo Alto California on Saturday. On Friday Zuckerberg made his company public at a $100 billion valuation.                                                                                                            On Saturday the popular billionaire announced that he married her girlfriend Priscilla Chan, not ...