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Top 10 Quiz Apps gone Free in October

If you like mind games and you are looking for the most exciting apps at a great price or free, please take a look at our list below. It contains best voted quiz apps, trivia apps or puzzle apps.Trivia by Quipper Limited It is a fast answer game, it can be played with real opponents ...

Top 5 Methods of Hacking Exposed!

There are a number of ways hackers can infiltrate your security. We all know about viruses, malware, and other means, but there are some you may not be aware of. All of these methods involve sophisticated techniques which bypass normal security to get to your critical data. It is crucial not only for individuals to ...

FaceMeeting.com – Collaboration Begins Face to Face

WebRTC the webs real time communication, the powerful trending  browser to browser applications for video calling, voice calling. Now the WebRTC was open sourced by the search engine giant Google in 2011. Now we going to meet a professional WebRTC collaboration provider FaceMeeting.com i started to use.  WebRTC standard helps users with real time communication, no need to install any software's or ...

Different Types of SSL Certificate

There are different types of SSL certificates and it is important to know what the differences are before you buy them. You want to make sure that you buy the right one for the use that you have for it. Companies that sell certificates will have different types and different names for those types. ...