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Delete all Photos from Google Photos 2018

Today on SocialPoistives.com, we are going to look at to delete all photos from Google Photos easily. Google Photos is one of the popular photo storage and sharing service from Google was announced in May 2015. One of the highlights why Google Photos used by millions of users because you can back up photos and videos for free, ...

Google Drive Alternatives 2018

Google Drive is one of the popular cloud storage services that allow you to easily store photos, videos, documents, etc. If you are looking for a simple, secure and convenient cloud storage service Google Drive is just for you. Google Drive gives 15GB of free storage if you signed up. If you are not satisfied with Google ...

Chrome Password Manager – Best for Google Chrome Addicted Users

Today on SocialPositives.com, we are listing some of the best Password Managers for Google Chrome addicted users. Yes, I'm clear now. Best Password Managers for heavy Google Chrome users who are looking for extension based password Managers. You know Google Chrome is the worlds most popular browser. Most people love to use that because it is ...

How to Delete a Google Calendar

How to Delete a Google Calendar? If you are looking for an article to delete a Google Calendar, you are at the right place. Here we go. Google Calendar is one of the best free online Calendar that helps us to keep track of life's important events all in one place. I don't think it is ...

Simple Method to Uninstall Google Drive from your Mac

Uninstall Google Drive from Mac - Are you really want to know How to Uninstall Google Drive from your Mac? You reached the right place. Today we writing the post that can help you to remove Google Drive from your device. Before removing Google drive from your Mac, please note that you are removing one of ...

How to Submit URLs for Indexing Straight from Google Search

You can submit URLs for indexing Straight from Google Search. Google Webmasters Tool is already there to submit URL's  and now the job becomes really easy. This feature has been spotted by Naman Dwivedi and he stated on Twitter that we can submit an URL to google via SERP directly.  Submit URLs for indexing Straight from Google Search So how ...