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Google Shows Missing Keywords below Search Results

Search engine Google now shows missing keywords below search results. If you use a long query on Google, but might Google ignore some of your keywords.  Image Credit - Google officially announced on their blog post says that 'Maybe there aren't many results that match all your keywords or maybe some of them are redundant. Google now shows a list ...

Complete list of Google’s 200 Ranking Factors (Infographic)

Webmasters probably already know that the search engine giant Google uses about 200 in their search engine algorithm. What are they? So far Google officially never published the list of 200 factors but webmasters have idea about that. Getting a good rank on Google  for your website takes some effort. Google perfectly had a vision about your website ...

2 Million Google, Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo accounts Passwords Stolen in massive hack

One of the greatest massive attack just happens. Near 2 Million Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo passwords stolen. According to CNN's report The massive data breach was a result of keylogging software maliciously installed on an untold number of computers around the world, researchers at cyber security firm Trustwave said. The virus was capturing log-in credentials for ...

‘OK Google’ – Google brings Hotword Voice Search to the Desktop with Chrome Extension

Search engine giant Google announced today a new Google Voice Search Hotword extension 'OK Google', a voice search to the desktop with a new chrome extension. Users can download the currently extension beta extension in Google Chrome store. This is something interesting after downloading the extension from chrome store go to and just say “OK Google” then ...

The Story of Android (Infographic)

Android the popular open source operating system based on Linux Kernel. The Android system is primarily designed for smartphone mobile devices. Android makes real competing war with Apple’s iOS the clash of the titans. In 2005 search engine giant Google bought Android and in 2013 Google expects users to activate about 900 million Android devices. Google's Android and Chrome operations head ...

How to Setup your Google Authorship in just 6 Minutes and 6 Steps?

Google Authorship is much important for Bloggers who take Blogging as a professional ccareer. Google Authorship is a great method that developed by Google to improve search quality and results rewarding trustworthy content  instead of following the old algorithms for SEO functions. Its a type of verification. Google Authorship allows the Bloggers to verify their authorship let ...