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Google Launches HP Chromebook 11 for $279

Google launched HP Chromebook 11 for just $279. The company announced Tuesday the HP Chromebook 11, a new laptop with its Chrome OS. Google and Hewlett Packard worked together on their new product and its likely to ships this week. With ARM-based Exynos 5250 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and two USB ports the new ...

Google acquired Flutter a Gesture Recognition Startup

Google acquired Flutter a hand gesture interface startup. The news was first reported on The Next Web they says about Flutter that 'If you’re not familiar with the Flutter brand, you’re probably aware of its service — it has a popular Mac application and describes itself as “Kinect for OS X” whereby it uses hand gestures to ...

Google to Shut Down iGoogle in 30 Days

Remember iGoogle to shut down in 30 days. Search engine giants service iGoogle a personalized homepage for users who are interested to create an alternative  to the Google homepage. Google already announced the end date of  iGoogle on July 2012. Now the iGoogle page welcomed users with note that 'iGoogle will shut down in 30 days', be ...

Google Web Designer, A Free Tool to create animated 3-D HTML5 ads in Minutes

Search engine company Google launched Google Web Designer. Its a free tool to create animated 3-D HTML5 ads in minutes. In eralier June Google hinted about thei product. Google's Web Designer tools can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile, available for mac and windows. Google calls that “professional-quality design tool,  that makes HTML5 creative accessible to ...

15 Years of Google – Global Internet Domination (InfoGraphic)

This is an InforGraphic created by and published on about how the giant search engine company Google dominate the internet world. In September 27 Google celebrates their 15th birthday. View this inforgraph you will get perfect answer how Google dominate the entire world of internet. More than 1.1 billion people use Google search each ...

Google introduces new ‘Hummingbird’ Search Algorithm

Search engine giant Google introduces a new search algorithm named 'Hummingbird'. According to searchengineland's reports 'the system it uses to sort through all the information it has when you search and come back with answers.' Whats is Hummingbird algorithm?  Its the recent search algorithm update by Google. With this update Google gives more important to PR ...