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Solved: Chromebook Touchpad not Working

Chromebook Touchpad not Working - Chromebooks become popular in these days. Instead of Windows 10 or Mac OS X, Chromebooks run on Google's Chrome OS. I love Chromebook because I'm a heavy Google service user and it's best for whom rely heavily on Google's suite of applications. Chromebooks are perfectly optimized for Google's services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google ...

My Favorite Google Doc Features

Google Docs is one of my favorite productivity I'm using to create awesome Documents in Online and Offline. You know Google Docs is easy to use and absolutely free. I'm not sure about the Google Docs users storage limit but according to the reports, users can create up to 5,000 documents of up to 500 kilobytes each. According to Google, ...

How to Delete a Google Spaces Space

How to Delete a Google Spaces Space? Google recently launched a new messaging app called Spaces. Google Spaces is now available for Android, iOS, and for the Web. You can create groups called 'Space' on Spaces. There you can share images, links and videos of things that catch your attention. Currently only three posts types are available, ...