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Easy way to Uninstall Dashlane from your Mac

Today on SocialPositives.com, we are looking at the best way to uninstall Dashlane password manager from your Mac. I think you already know Dashlane Password manager.  Unlike LastPass, you should install Dashlane on your system to use the software. Dashlane is one of the best password managers available on the web powerful security features. We already listed ...

How to Export RoboForm to LastPass

LastPass is my favourite password manager. LastPass has been listed a lot of times on our blog post including Best Password Managers for iPhone and iPad 2018 and 8 Best Multi User Password Manager 2018. LastPass is one of the worlds most popular Password manager that helps users to save and use strong passwords across websites on different ...

How to Get a Yahoo Squirrel Group Chat Invite

Yahoo Messenger to shut down after 20 years. The company announced that Yahoo Messenger will no longer be supported after July 17, 2018. Until then, you can continue to use the service normally. After July 17, you'll no longer be able to access your chats and the service will no longer work. Why is Yahoo Messenger going away? In ...

How to Password Protect Dropbox Folder

Today on SocialPositives.com, we are looking at to Password protect Dropbox folder. I think you know Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services. When I open the desktop Dropbox I see all my data, which is wrong. Why doesn't it requires the password for logging in? Dropbox in your work area is only an ...

Solved- Pinterest not working on Chrome

Pinterest is one of the world's largest Social Networking site after Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is a photo social network where users can collect photos in one place. Although the features of Pinterest are numerous. I use Pinterest more than Facebook and I think Pinterest can gain more social media traffic to blogs than Facebook and ...

Free Twitter Followers without Following Back 2018

You can increase your Twitter followers count easily if you are ready to follow them back. But its bit hard to get free Twitter followers without following back. Twitter has been used largely by businesses for promoting their products and especially in the US more than 2/3rd of companies prefer Twitter as their marketing tool. Yes, still ...
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