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Top 4 VPN You Must Try in 2017

If you use the Internet regularly, you've most likely heard of the term VPN before. VPN stands for virtual private network, and there are a number of advantages to using one when browsing online. First off, there's the obvious security benefit. The moment that your computer connects to a VPN, it's encrypted, the data you ...

How to Download Snapchat on iPad

I think you won't need any more introductions to one of the popular messaging software that makes pictures and videos you receive expire once you have viewed or read them. We already published some interesting posts related to Snapchat like How to Recover Snapchat photos from iPhone, How to view old Snapchat Photos and Videos, etc. Today I'm gonna show ...

How to Print Gmail Emails Easily

How to print Gmail Emails? This is the first post on in 2017. Happy New Year to all my readers. Today I'm gonna teach you to print Gmail emails. This could help you to print emails when you need to send the complete email to the coworker or to the client. Print Gmail Emails Printing Gmail Emails ...

Easy way to Delete your History on Netflix

Netflix is a popular service that lets you watch Netflix movies & TV shows online or stream right to your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more. If you are Netflix user and watched some shows on the service but you ’d rather not appear in your view history, you can delete your History ...

How to Hack a Facebook Account without Downloading Anything

How to hack a Facebook account? How to Hack a Facebook Account without Downloading Anything? Is it that possible? Let's check. Hack a Facebook Account without Downloading Anything I see that some sites claim that they can hack anyone’s Facebook account easily. Their online password generator requires only 2 minutes to hack any Facebook account and generate the ...

How to Hack an Instagram Account? Is that Possible?

Today I noticed an interesting question on a webmaster forum. His question is related to the one of the world's popular photo-sharing site Instagram. It's not about to get more followers on Instagram, but how to hack an Instagram account? Is possible to hack an Instagram account? Isn't that easy as he thinks? Let's check. Hack an Instagram ...

How to use Google Drive? 10 Tricks you Should Know

The Google Drive is one of my favorite cloud storage service that helps me save my important files, documents and share them with my friends and co-workers. Google Drive comes with various apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc. Anyone with a Google account can use all of these productivity tools for absolutely free. Today I ...
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