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How to Chat on Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the popular document collaboration tools that helps teams work together. I have listed My favorite Google Doc features on a blog post recently. You can share documents and work together with others in the same document at the same time. Last year Google bring voice typing feature to Google Docs that can help you ...

How to Export your Linkedin Contacts

How to export your LinkedIn contacts? Yes, today's topic is about to exporting your LinkedIn contacts. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking site with more than 400 Million + members engaging together. LinkedIn helps you to manage your online professional identity. Export Linkedin Contacts Online networks could come and go so it's better sense to periodically export your ...

How to set up a Dropbox Model File Requests on Google Drive

One of my favorite Dropbox features is File requests. File requests allow you to collect and receive files big or small from anyone, directly into your Dropbox. File requests are ideal for receiving a large file or collection of files, collecting photos after a special event, and requesting submissions from coworkers and clients. The highlight is anyone ...

How to Open Twitter Desktop Version in Mobile Phones

Twitter is one of the world's largest social network that helps professionals to grow their business online. Twitter has a Desktop version and Mobile phone versions available. There are many features in Twitter which are not in the mobile version of Twitter. Is there any to open the desktop version of Twitter on your Smartphone. Here are ...

How to Import your 1Password Data to Lastpass

Today we are going to check how to import your iPassword data's to LastPass. LastPass and iPassword are the most popular Password Managers for Windows and Mac. Recently LastPass announced that you can use LastPass on any device, anywhere, for free. No matter where you need your passwords on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can ...

How to Export your Readability Bookmarks to Instapaper

One of the popular read it later service Readability will shut down on September 30. They announced on the website says that The Readability bookmarking service will be shutting down on September 30, 2016. You can export your bookmarked articles by visiting your Tools page. Thank you for your support in this amazing experiment. After September ...