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Delete Multiple Instagram Photos Easily

Instagram is one of the world's largest photo-sharing service owned Facebook. Instagram lets us capture and upload photos, videos in real time.Currently, there is no way to delete multiple Instagram photos. You have to delete each photos using the Instagram app manually. I'm sure you won't need any more details about the service if you are a ...

How to use Instagram for Business

In the personal level we think of images or photos as mere memories of what we have done, where we have been and with whom we shared such moments. However, in the business level it speaks more than that. Images as a reproduction of a form is now being integrated as a channel of depicting ...

Edit Captions on Instagram

How to edit captions on Instagram? So far you have only one option that to delete the published post and try again with the right caption. But now its possible to edit captions after publishing an image on Instagram. How to do that? Lets check...1. Make sure you have updated Instagram to the latest versionOn ...
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