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Best Keyboard Apps for IOS to Supercharge your Device

Those who use iPhone or iPad most probably know that IOS keyboard is pretty awesome by itself. It’s intuitive, fast, features super autocorrect and word-prediction, provides easy switching from letters to numbers and vice versa. Overall, it’s a truly advanced keyboard that provides smooth and good typing experience. With the third party keyboard integration support, ...

iPad Air, iPad Mini Model Numbers

iPad Air, iPad Mini Model Numbers - An ordinary  Tablet can't replace a PC, but for some users, a good iPad can replace their PC. An iPad can improve your productivity to the next level. You can carry them anywhere, where you can't carry a Laptop.As per users opinion, they would love to carry iPad ...

Best Browser for iPhone and iPad

I'm not extremely satisfied with the iPhone and iPad's inbuilt browser Safari. So I planned to try another better browser for iPhone and iPad.After doing some research and experiment, I preferred to go with Google Chrome and Dolphin browser. I'm not arguing Google Chrome is the best browser for iPhone or iPad, but I'm sure ...

Solved: ios 9 Touch Screen Unresponsive

That’s it. iOS 9 is here. iOS 9 packs a lot of features in to slimmed new package. We already published how to install iOS 9 on your iPhone and iPad.A lot of users experiencing an unresponsive 'Slide to Upgrade' screen after updating to iOS 9. Apple recommends restoring your device from an iTunes backup to resolve ...
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