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100 Best Apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad, the term makes a gadget lover happy. Most smartphone and tablet lovers would like to have this gadget in his pocket.There are tons of apps available for iPhone and iPad. Which are the best? Which are useful? It's something big today. Today we have to list 100 Best Apps for iPhone and iPad.1. Google – Search everything ...

5 Best Antivirus for iPad 2017 (Updated)

A certain section of people are seen settling for Apple iPhones and iPads of late. In this write up, we shall have a quick peek-a-boo into the best 5 antivirus for  iPad. 1. Norton One very effective antivirus for iphones and ipads is none other than Norton. The best part about this antivirus is that is is ...

How to Turn off Private Browsing on iPad

If you would like to stay private on internet, the internet and the device should allow you. Understanding how to enable and disable private browsing on your mobile is necessary that gives you control over how you're tracked on the internet.That is your choice, turn on private browsing or turn off private browsing. If browsing mode ...

Solution: My iPad wont connect to Router

An iPad can’t replace a PC, but simply iPad is really worth the price. iPad is a great productivity device you can take on the way.iPad is extremely portable, 10 hours of moderate use without needing to be charged, great to watch movies and play games, ease of use, etc.In last month some of my friends ...

6 Best Psychology Apps Worth to Try

Psychology is an industry where Psychologists doing research, counseling, etc. But the latest smartphone technology revolution offers some interesting supplemental resources that allow the users to know control over their own psychological health.Today we have to list 6 Best Psychology Apps worth to try. You can use these apps as just a supplemental resource just for reading. Here we ...