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Do a Reverse Image search on iPad

Reverse image search is you have to put a picture the tool finds the images similar to one you entered. You don’t need to input any keyword.We already published how to a reverse image search on iPhone. You can do reverse image search with the same apps. How to do a reverse image search on ...

Best Big Fish Games of 2018 for your iPad (Updated)

Big Fish is the #1 place to find casual games! Safe & secure. Big Fish Games is a Seattle-based casual gaming company. The company serves as both a developer and distributor of casual games, primarily on computers and mobile devices.If you are a Big Fish Game lover and looking for games for your iPad, this article ...

Best Chess Apps for your iPad

Chess is  one of the world’s most popular game. Chess is believed to have originated in Eastern India, c. 280 – 550 CE, in the Gupta Empire, and now played by millions. If you are a good Chess player you won't need anymore introductions about Chess. Today we have to list some best Chess App for ...

Solution: iPad Mini Wont Turn On

An iPad can’t replace a PC, but simply iPad is really worth the price. iPad is a great productivity device you can take on the way. iPad Mini is an excellent 7.9 inch device, now the latest device iPad Mini 3 comes with advancements like Touch ID and iOS 8, and a new gold finish.Image Credit - ...