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Best iOS Task Manager for 2017

iOS Task Manager - Today on SocialPositives.com, we are listing some of the best iOS task managers worth to try in 2017.If you search on the iOS store for 'task manager' or 'to do list', you can find dozens of apps solely dedicated to scheduling and organizing your life to the next level.iOS Task Manager Which is ...

Best Keyboard Apps for IOS to Supercharge your Device

Those who use iPhone or iPad most probably know that IOS keyboard is pretty awesome by itself. It’s intuitive, fast, features super autocorrect and word-prediction, provides easy switching from letters to numbers and vice versa. Overall, it’s a truly advanced keyboard that provides smooth and good typing experience. With the third party keyboard integration support, ...

How to Cleanup Multiple Contacts in iPhone

Multiple contacts on your device generate over time due to extensive tasks you perform to add, remove or edit contacts all the time. It may happen many times when your device store same contacts multiple times with different name or other attributes. It leads to cluttered and unorganized contact list which also waste your time. ...

How to Block a Website on iPhone and iPad Easily

How to Block a Website on iPhone and iPad - This is a modern era and kids prefer to use Laptops, Smartphones, and Tablets. Which is their crazy electronic item? I'm sure it should be iPhone and iPad.You know parental controls is hard when it comes to blocking on iPhone and iPad's default browser Safari. It's ...

How to Change the name of your iPhone

How to Change the name of your iPhone? Change name on your iPhone is an easy task, not a necessary task but it's necessary if you bought a second-hand iPhone.If you are an avid iOS device user, probably already you know how to change the name of your iPhone. There are 2 ways available to ...
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