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5 Best Pill Reminder Apps

Pill reminder Apps are used to keep yourself and your loved ones never forget to take your medicines again. According to the studies near 50% of patients not taking medicines as prescribed and 44 out of 100 prescriptions never picked up at the pharmacy. A good Pill Reminder App can work as a Medication reminder, prescription and ...

Best Investment Apps for iPhone, 2017 (Updated)

Managing investment accounts may seem difficult for many people, so why not let smartphones take care of it? Using smartphones, one can master personal investment within few days. iPhones support applications which manage the investment portfolio during operations. To make money by trading, one of the simplest and efficient ways is to have the investment ...

Best Browser for iPhone and iPad

I'm not extremely satisfied with the iPhone and iPad's inbuilt browser Safari. So I planned to try another better browser for iPhone and iPad. After doing some research and experiment, I preferred to go with Google Chrome and Dolphin browser. I'm not arguing Google Chrome is the best browser for iPhone or iPad, but I'm sure ...

A Review of Leo Privacy Guard Application Features

We already published an article about how Leo Privacy Guard can protect your Android and iPhone. Today we are reviewing Leo Privacy Guard's application features. Here we go. Technology can only keep on getting better. Making lives easier better by making communication very easy and seamless. Unlike two decades ago when communication was limited to wired telephones ...