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How to Stop Twitter Spam

How users get banned from Twitter? May be users have ideas about how they become banned on Facebook, no more ideas, but bit like if we sent a friendship request again and again to users you don't know, first you get warned from the authorities if you continue the activity you will be banned.Another possible ...

10 Best Blog Hosting Sites for your Domains

I start the article from the primary belief that you are aware of what is domain name and registration process. After domain name registration, the turn of web hosting. Web hosting mean you have to place your whole site’s files such as .js, .html and images on the internet and from where anybody can access ...

5 Best Windows Password Recovery Tools

Password recovery is something required in most cases when you least expect it. Bad situations could befall you at any moment and being prepared is the best approach. A number of reliable applications can make this easier for you, wherever you might be. For ethical reasons, some people do not think much about password recover tool ...