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17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves (Infographic)

LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional networking platform founded in December 2002 and launched their website on May 2003. In January 2013 LinkedIn hits 200 million members and in June 2013 the network reached the milestone of 259 million acquired users in more than 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn has monthly more than 175 million visitors, the ...

Top 10 Highest Paying Companies In The World

If you’re looking to make the big money that enables you to live that lavish life you’ve always dreamed to live, looking at a position with one of the 10 below employers is something that you should do. They are the highest paying jobs in the world, filled with plenty of perks and benefits in ...

Twitter Introduced New Encryption Technology ‘Perfect Forward Secrecy’

Micro-blogging platform Twitter introduced new encryption technology named 'Perfect forward secrecy.' The new protocol will be enabled on top of standard HTTPS encryption, generating a new key for each encounter and hopefully prevent the passive bulk surveillance by the NSA that's been revealed in recent months. Twitter officially announced on their blog post that Under traditional ...

The Story of Android (Infographic)

Android the popular open source operating system based on Linux Kernel. The Android system is primarily designed for smartphone mobile devices. Android makes real competing war with Apple’s iOS the clash of the titans. In 2005 search engine giant Google bought Android and in 2013 Google expects users to activate about 900 million Android devices. Google's Android and Chrome operations head ...

Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Depend On Online Jobs

These days’ internet marketing has been playing a good role in every business. No matter whether you are an employee or an employer, Internet marketing is a good opportunity to stay connected with the world and thus expand your profile globally. If you are a freelancer, no matter whether you have been working on the ...

How to Setup your Google Authorship in just 6 Minutes and 6 Steps?

Google Authorship is much important for Bloggers who take Blogging as a professional ccareer. Google Authorship is a great method that developed by Google to improve search quality and results rewarding trustworthy content  instead of following the old algorithms for SEO functions. Its a type of verification. Google Authorship allows the Bloggers to verify their authorship let ...