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Disable Chrome Notifications on Windows

Google Chrome notifications helps me to stay on top of things. It's a great method to stay productive.  Chrome Notification Centre is a useful tool if you are really invested your work methods on Chrome.Some users find the extra notification features an annoyance, and searching how to disable Chrome notifications on Windows. This is how you can do it.1. Open the notification ...

How to Delete Outlook Account

Microsoft's  web mail service, Outlook.com is really cool. If you are looking for a Gmail alternative, Outlook is the best choice out there.Outlook makes email simple. But, for some reasons if you wish to close or delete your Outlook account, this is how you can do it.1. Go to Close your Account.2. Sign in and/or verify your ...

How to Hide Any.do Status Bar

Task manager apps help us to plan our life easy.  If you are working on a project, or planning a vacation, Task Manager apps helps you to easily share your lists and collaborate with everyone, everywhere.Any.do is one of the popular task management app used by over 11 million people globally. You can easily attach video, audio, photo and Dropbox ...

Best Construction Project Management Software

Good project management software products will help your business to manage projects from start to finish. It is a great tool for online collaboration, there your employees have an input into the process.With a project management software, you can collaborate on projects, delegate tasks, document sharing, stay on schedule, easily track projects, etc.Today we have ...

How do i Delete My Yahoo Account

If you would like to delete your Yahoo account, you may be wondering how to do it. If you are searching a post about how to delete your account, you are at the right place.Here is the answer for the users who are searching, how do i delete my Yahoo account. Here we go.1. Go ...