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Top 10 Post Penguin Link Building Strategies

There are no shortcuts to success in life. If you remember this well enough, you would realize that there are no short cuts to successful SEO either. Many of you attempt at using those irresponsible blog comment techniques or, just simply posting other’s articles and, claiming them your own to get people to your website. ...

Wikipedia results without Internet – Get results via free Mobile SMS

Wikipedia the worlds largest internet encyclopedia plans to start a revolutionary feature. So far there its impossible to get Wikipedia results with out internet connection. Wikimedia the team behind Wikipedia is pioliting a Wikipedia via mobile sms that will helps millions of users while they are offline. The new project called Wikipedia Zero will launch in ...

Amazon beats Microsoft in Employees headcount for the first time

Amazon the giant American international ecommerce company beats Microsoft corporation the leading multinational software company. Amazon today released their Q3 2013 earnings report and the employees details that the company now has 109,800 employees worldwide and the Microsoft has 100,518 employees right now. Amazon says their third quarter sales up 24% to $17.09 Billion. Amazon announced ...

Twitter owned Vine now lets users to Edit Videos and Save Multiple Drafts

Micro blogging platform Twitter's 6 second video sharing app just released a major update Sessions and Time Travel. With the new features users can maintain multiple posts in progress over time and also you can edit your vine posts before share them. This help users shoot continuously without a mistake. The Vine Session allows users up ...

Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks supporting Mobile Application Development

If we want to create mobile applications, there would be multiple challenges associated, especially, when compared to the regular desktops and laptops. The primary challenge that should be taken into account is the smaller few space compared to the large screens of desktops. Another challenge associated with the mobile applications is the limited bandwidth. Hey! ...