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Google servers went down after 4 years

After a long 4 years of interval search engine giant Google down for 5 minutes. The 5 minutes down is not a matter, but here comes Google that's a hot news. According to the reports all major products from Google down in that time including Google search, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube etc.   Google went down around 3:50pm PT ...

How to use Twitter effectively to find Jobs?

Currently we lives in powerful Social Media and Networking world. The concept of Social Networking is really changed in last 5 years. In the beginning of Social Networking era lot of users thinks that the Social Networking concept and the platforms are just a tool to find friends, communicate and learn something.   The concept is changed. ...

How Blogging has changed in 5 years?

Blogging has diversified in many ways since few years. It was initially started as the writing medium for individual has grown up to company and serious business. I still remember the time when I started by blogging in 2008. Things were different back then. I think there has been massive change in the blogging world. ...

How to Take Challenging Vertical Panoramic Photos?

Vertical panoramas provide you an interesting and unique alternative to the regular horizontal kind. You can use all the alternatives in your photography for providing the unusual view. When you think of panorama photography, we impulsively think of the traditional way of horizontal panorama or scenery or city skyline. Though, vertical panoramic pictures provide you ...