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8 Top Website Blocker for Studying

Website Blocker for Studying - Today on SocialPositives.com, we are listing some of the best website blockers for studying. These blockers could help you to focus on your study and work. Do you think are you the only one struggling with productivity issues? No, you are not alone. Once I open my PC, I will look around the ...

How to Export Todoist to TickTick?

Today on SocialPositives.com, we are learning to export Todoist to TickTick. Todoist and TickTick are the most popular To Do list an Task Manager available on the web. Todoist has a lot of advantages over any other similar tools but it lies within the limitations of the free service. The major problem is there are no task ...

Best Agile Project Management with Kanban 2018

Today on SocialPositives.com, we are listing Best Agile Project Management with Kanban. If you are not familiar with Kanban, it means Kanban is a scheduling system for lean manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing. Taiichi Ohno, an industrial engineer at Toyota, developed kanban to improve manufacturing efficiency. When it comes to Project Management, Kanban is a visual system for managing work ...

Enjoy Dashlane Premium for Free

According to Wikipedia, A password manager is a software application or hardware that helps a user store and organize passwords. Password managers usually store passwords encrypted, requiring the user to create a master password: a single, ideally very strong password which grants the user access to their entire password database. Dashlane is one of the best password ...

Todoist Templates – How to use that?

I'm a huge fan of Todoist now. Todoist is a powerful task manager for personal or collaborative productivity for people who want to accomplish great things in less time, with less effort. We have published some articles related to Todoist recently. Follow this post to get Todoist Premium free. What is Todoist Template? Todist templates are the templates you downloaded ...

HootSuite Alternatives 2018

Perfect social media management is a hard task if you are working to promote your business in different social networks at the same time. Here comes the importance of Social Media Management tools. There are a lot of Social Media Management tools available on the internet. Which one is better and easy to use? Definitely, Hootsuite ...

Snovio Review – The Best Email Lookup Tool

Today on SocialPositives.com we are reviewing a powerful email lookup tool Snovio to find the right people faster, easier and more reliably. As you may know, 90% of business related to the internet rely on email. I react to each and every email received in my Gmail inbox compared to messages I received through Facebook, Twitter, ...
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