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Best Practices For Domain SEO

Ask anyone in the know about SEO (search engine optimization) and they will tell you that there are a vast number of factors which can influence and affect your website’s ability to rank well on search engines for any given keyword or phrase. Image Credit Google, for example, have published a set of webmaster guidelines which ...

Matt Cutts on Blog Comments: Use Your Name, Not Keywords

What's you primary aim while commenting on Blogs? What you think about links from comments on blogs would help or hurt you on SEO strategy? Google's Webspam team head Matt Cutts told you that use your name while commenting on Blogs not keywords.Is Link building by commenting against Google guidelines? What is Google's view on Blog comments links and ...

Top 10 Post Penguin Link Building Strategies

There are no shortcuts to success in life. If you remember this well enough, you would realize that there are no short cuts to successful SEO either. Many of you attempt at using those irresponsible blog comment techniques or, just simply posting other’s articles and, claiming them your own to get people to your website. ...