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University Pages: A Gift From LinkedIn for Students and Universities

LinkedIn launches 'University Pages' to bridge the gap between 'Students' and 'Universities', where students can explore many universities with few clicks and make a right decision for further education. It is similar to the other company pages on LinkedIn, but it is especially for an academic purpose.   Initially, 200 universities worldwide are allowed to create their ...

Reasons why Instagram Video sharing Beats Vine?

Instagram video sharing vs Vine, its similar to a competition like Facebook vs Twitter. The fact is competition between Instagram and Vine is also a competition between Facebook vs Twitter because Instagram is owned by Facebook Inc and Vine is Owned by Twitter Inc. I beginning Twitter's Vine app make a revolution on quick video sharing ...

The Power of Retweeting on Twitter

You may often have heard about retweeting on Twitter. After all, everyone wants to have a high number of followers on this great social networking site. It is often said that one of the most common ways to increase your Twitter followership is through retweeting. Also, retweets allows you to again the attention of the ...

How Pinterest become successful when people already share images on Facebook?

Back to 2 years we ask to a guy he is a social network user that Whats's your favorite social networks? May be not may be definitely his answer is Facebook, Twitter and Yo  uTube. If we asks people now specially to women in US they will include another social network named 'Pinterest'.   In first look ...

Top 5 Quick Video Sharing Services

Social Networking one of the trending necessary purpose for just friendship making or for business. Social Media sites helps users  to make good friends, relations, business and we can say that social media and the networking system really connect peoples and their tastes. In the modern internet world we are really addicted to social networking sites ...

Now you can easily embed Instagram Photos and Videos

Now you can easily embed your favorite photos and videos from your favorite social photo sharing network Instagram. The Facebook owned social network today launched a new feature that allows the users to easily embed the photos, videos directly from the web. Instagram officially announced on their blog post that 'Today, we’re excited to introduce ...