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Professional Network Solaborate Launched App for Windows 8.1

Professional networking platform Solaborate launched App for Windows 8.1. If you are not familiar with Solaborate 'Solaborate its a technology platform helps the professionals users to share documents and presentations, publish questions, conference, chat, video and best practices. Solaborate officially announced through their blog post says 'The Windows 8.1 app makes it easier for technology professionals ...

Technology Platform Solaborate.com Launched their Own Social Sharing Button

Emerging technology platform Solaborate.com launched their own social sharing button. If you are not familiar with Solaborate.com, its consider as the one of the best emerging platform for technology professionals.According to Forbes 'Solaborate is a combination of the words “social” and “collaboration” and comes with a twist. This social network is geared for technology professionals.'According ...

Solaborate Launches Public Beta Inviting Professionals to Use First Technology Collaboration Platform

Solaborate the webs trending professional network launches public beta. Solaborate is an advanced social and professional network you can use that as per your needs, Los-Angeles California based platform gives something big for you. The social and collaboration platform specially designed for technology professionals today they welcomes you all with the public beta and the Android ...

Solaborate Introduces New Features to Enhance Real-Time Communication and Collaboration for professionals

Solaborate the trending social network for technology professionals, companies and their products, services just updated their systems to the new heights. Solaborate is a Los Angeles, California based company it received over $1 Million in seed funding from angel and individual investors. The site was purely built on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing, WebSockets, and WebRTC protocol ...