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Mailify Sunrise Review: Marketing automation, SMS marketing and Email marketing, all in one Application

Creating email marketing campaigns, sending bulk SMS or setting up marketing automation workflows is simple with Mailify’s brand-new application: Mailify Sunrise. The platform offers advanced tools to develop a comprehensive and efficient marketing strategy in just a few steps. What is Mailify Sunrise? Mailify, part of the European market leader Sarbacane Software, is one of the most ...

8 Top Website Blocker for Studying

Website Blocker for Studying - Today on SocialPositives.com, we are listing some of the best website blockers for studying. These blockers could help you to focus on your study and work. Do you think are you the only one struggling with productivity issues? No, you are not alone. Once I open my PC, I will look around the ...

How to Hack Facebook Account in 2018? 100% Working Methods

How to Hack Facebook Account in 2018. This post tells you to hack a Facebook account, the possible methods you can try. Please note that we never recommend anyone to hack someone’s Facebook account. It is very important to use these tools that you understand the legal implications of undertaking Instagram password hacking. Reasons why you might ...

Best Interactive eBook Creator Tools

Today on SocialPositives.com, we are listing some of the best Interactive eBook Creator Tools available on the web. an ebook was simply an electronic version of its printed counterpart. What is Interactive eBook? Ebooks are so easy to create, everyone is doing it nowadays. The key is they all look the same and pretty much boring. Here comes the importance ...

How to Export Todoist to TickTick?

Today on SocialPositives.com, we are learning to export Todoist to TickTick. Todoist and TickTick are the most popular To Do list an Task Manager available on the web. Todoist has a lot of advantages over any other similar tools but it lies within the limitations of the free service. The major problem is there are no task ...

Best Agile Project Management with Kanban 2018

Today on SocialPositives.com, we are listing Best Agile Project Management with Kanban. If you are not familiar with Kanban, it means Kanban is a scheduling system for lean manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing. Taiichi Ohno, an industrial engineer at Toyota, developed kanban to improve manufacturing efficiency. When it comes to Project Management, Kanban is a visual system for managing work ...
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