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How to Delete a Retweet on Twitter

How to Delete a Retweet on Twitter? Today we are going to check this basic Twitter function. Twitter is a popular micro-blogging platform that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called 'tweets'. As of May 2017, Twitter has more than 550 million users. Let's jump into the title? It's really simple. Twitter's Retweet feature helps you ...

SignIn to Pinterest without Twitter or Facebook

How to SignIn to Pinterest without Twitter or Facebook? Today we are discussing the most basic matter related to the Pinterest. It's related to Sign Up to Pinterest. You might be surprised what's the importance of this post, just to sign in to a social networking account. Pinterest allows you to sign up for a new Pinterest ...

Know your Twitter Limits

Yesterday we published a quick article about your limits in Instagram and your limit on sending messages in Facebook. Today we are going to learn about your limitations on the micro blogging platform Twitter. Let's how you can perform on Twitter with the limitations. Following Limit Still the number is 1819 that means you can break the following ...

Formulating a Twitter Marketing Strategy: 6 Killer Tips

Twitter has been used largely by businesses for promoting their products and especially in US more than 2/3rd of companies prefer Twitter as their marketing tool. With more than 317 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets getting published every day, Twitter has several benefits over other social media websites like Facebook or Google ...

5 Smart Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

With 320 million users, Twitter is supposed to be the 9th biggest social media platform after Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram (Statista, 2016). Likewise other social media sites, Twitter is the best platform for those users who want to follow their favorite celebrities, brands and keep eyes on trending issues. Today, Twitter is considered as the heart ...

How to Open Twitter Desktop Version in Mobile Phones

Twitter is one of the world's largest social network that helps professionals to grow their business online. Twitter has a Desktop version and Mobile phone versions available. There are many features in Twitter which are not in the mobile version of Twitter. Is there any to open the desktop version of Twitter on your Smartphone. Here are ...