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Tweeting was popular in 19th century

Twitter's 140-character microblogging platform was revolutionary when Jack Dorsey and friends introduced it in 2006. But microblogging was already very popular in the 19th century,said Lee Humphreys, assistant professor of communication, at Cornell University. She detailed the relationship between historical and contemporary media in  lecture on campus.'To submit a message on Twitter, it has to be under 140 characters,' ...

Delete your web accounts with

Deletion of online accounts- Facebook, Skype, Myspace, Whatsapp- was quite difficult till now. Because unaware about how to delete such accounts, many kept it idle or later forgot it. But it maybe a problem for you in future, as there's slight increase in the hacking reports  for the last recent years. Someone may steal your ...

The Power of Retweeting on Twitter

You may often have heard about retweeting on Twitter. After all, everyone wants to have a high number of followers on this great social networking site. It is often said that one of the most common ways to increase your Twitter followership is through retweeting. Also, retweets allows you to again the attention of the ...

How to use Twitter effectively to find Jobs?

Currently we lives in powerful Social Media and Networking world. The concept of Social Networking is really changed in last 5 years. In the beginning of Social Networking era lot of users thinks that the Social Networking concept and the platforms are just a tool to find friends, communicate and learn something.   The concept is changed. ...

5 Tips to use Twitter Hashtags to Your Advantage

The best 5 Tips to use Twitter Hashtags can be found out on different websites. If a company uses the twitter account to contact their customers then they must have good hash tags. There are many strategies which are used for the hash tag purpose in twitter, twitter is very famous networking websites and many ...