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Google brings new Photo Editing tools to Google+

Google brings new photo editing tools to Google+. Its a Snapseed-powered photo editing tools that allows users to edit their images on the social networking site. The photo editing tools available while you using Google's chrome browser. The photo crop and rotate feature available for all browsers. So far the new feature doesn't available for all ... or Which is Better?

Today, WordPress has become the most used technology for the blogging platform. WordPress is the content management system that provides the environment to interact with the user for creating blogs and many other sites. Installing WordPress and organizing database cost time, so to make it easy and have created the framework, where you ...

How to Not Embarrass Yourself on the Internet

Stories abound about people who have embraced the online revolution a little too enthusiastically and lived to regret it later. While the younger generation is growing up with no frame of reference for an internet-free culture, those who are old enough to remember the pre-Facebook days often shudder when viewing some of what is posted ...

Apple vs Android Operating Systems

Even though markets offer a wide variety of commodities, there seems to be a growing tendency of wars being waged between fans (or more likely fanboys) of two products in a certain field. All other merchandise is ignored. All of the unlimited hate and boundless love are put into those two in question – Xbox ...

Google+ introduces Embedded Posts and Author attribution

Google's social networking platform Google+ introduces public embed posts on their service. With this new feature bloggers can embed any public pots from Google+ to their blog like what they already do in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In Top of the right hand of every Google+ post  if you click the options menu you can see ...

Apple launches iPhone 5C

Apple launched iPhone 5C. Its a lower cost device. The Next Web reports that The 5C was announced today at Apple’s launch event in Cupertino, California. The device will come with a polycarbonate shell and the option of a green, white, blue, pink, or yellow “soft-feel” silicon rubber surround. With 8 mega pixel camera and the same A6 ...

Why Every Newbie Blogger Needs Google+?

Blogs are a dime a dozen on the world wide web, and therefore any new blogger entering the blogosphere already has an uphill battle to get noticed and find an audience when faced with so much competition. As a newbie blogger, you should therefore be looking for any possible means to get ahead, promote your ...