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How to speed up Google Chrome? Best 7 ways

When Google Chrome browser was first introduced to the public, it was an easy and quick program that struck all speed and low system requirements. Since then, a few years, while Chrome has quietly grown to the 38th version.Gradually, it acquires all the new features, support for all the latest web technologies and become a ...

How to Download YouTube video’s Subtitle?

Millions of YouTube videos that come in language probably we familiar with. YouTube lets the video creator subtitles to help their viewers understand what the video is about and what is being said.If you are downloading any particular video, the video subtitles won't come with it. So how to Download YouTube video's Subtitle? Here is the easiest ...

How to reset Emailmeform Submission Limits?

EmailMeForm is the one of the popular and widely used online form builder. EmailMeForm's forms helps users to create beautiful website contact forms that visitors can send feedback or to do submissions. You don't have have the technical knowledge or the server requirements to do it, thats why EmailMeform is quite popular among this services.One of the great ...

Google is giving Inbox Invites to everyone for One hour

Stop begging invited for Google Inbox. You have hassled your friends on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter for a single invite to Google Inbox.No problem. Google is giving Inbox Invites to everyone for One hour starting at 3PM PST today. Google Inbox team announced earlier through Twitter. Want an invite TODAY? #InboxHappyHour 3-4pm PT. Send us an email at ...