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WhatsApp finally launches it’s Desktop Version

Finally its here. WhatsApp finally launches its desktop version. Now you can use WhatsApp straight from your desktop.Image Credit - blog.rezapahlava.com Currently its only available if you are an Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry user. WhatsApp founder Jan Koum said To connect your web browser to your WhatsApp client, simply openhttps://web.whatsapp.com in your Google Chrome browser. You will see a ...

How to Save Outlook.com Email Attachments to OneDrive in One Click

Now you can save Outlook.com Email attachments to OneDrive in just one click. Microsoft announced Save to OneDrive feature, must need functions for Outlook.com users.When you receive an email with an attachment on Outlook.com that contains documents, pictures, music or videos- you can save them to OneDrive in just one click.Here is how to do that.When you click Save ...

Please Don’t use these 25 Passwords

You should have protect your personal data's with strong passwords. If you lose your data's because of weak passwords internet is not responsible for that.SplashData, leading provider of security applications listed the 25 worst passwords of 2014. The list started includes passwords like 123456, password, qwerty etc.Image Credit - Tested.com SplashData recommends that when crafting your password:Don't use keyboard patterns ...

How to Transfer Money with ICICI Bank through Twitter

Indian Bank ICICI has announced that their customers in India can now send money to other people via the social network Twitter.ICICI Bank savings account customer, who has a mobile number registered with the bank and has a Twitter account, can access the facilities of ‘icicibankpay’.Image Credit - www.foxbusiness.com To register for the service, a customer needs to follow ...

Buy OnePlus One Without an Invite

Its time to buy OnePlus One without an Invite. Yes you can buy OnePlus without an invite on this January 20.The promotion will run between 19:00-21:00 GMT / 7PM-9PM EST on the day. Both the 16 GB Silk White and 64 GB Sandstone Black versions will be available without invites.The 16GB version priced $299 and ...