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Social Positives | Social Media, Technology, and Howto - Part 164

Google Just Killed Guest Blogging Network MyBlogGuest

Today Google's head of web spam Matt Cutt's announced on Twitter that Google has taken action against a “large guest blog network.” He didn't mention which network has been affected by Google. Now its confirmed that it was MyBlogGuest.com. Today Matt Cutts announced on Twitter thats as 'a reminder about the spam risks of guest blogging.' Today we took ...

3 Steps to create Secure, Easy-to-remember Passwords

How to be secure on internet? Its not really easy. While it comes personal if you are accessing social media sites or any other sites, you should care about creating passwords for each and every website. Lot of newbies are using some worst passwords like “123456”, “abc123”, “adobe123”, “qwerty” etc. These passwords are listed in the 25 worst passwords ever. We ...

Apple Launches 8GB iPhone 5C

Apple launches 8GB iPhone 5C. The news was first reported by Caschys blog. The device is now available at the 02 UK store. The phone device named as Apple iPhone 5c 8GB  4-inch retina display, A6 chip, 8-megapixel iSight camera, 1080p HD video recording, FaceTime HD camera and iOS 7 - The mobile OS from a whole new perspective. On Caschys blog ...

Facebook announced beta program for its Messenger Android app

Facebook announced beta program for its messenger Android app. The new program offers the latest versions of the app before the general release. Facebook officially announced on a release says Beginning today, the Facebook Messenger for Android beta program will give people who opt-in access to the latest versions of Messenger for Android before the general release. As with ...

Reddit for Traffic Generation

When running an online business there is one thing that is important to all of us and that is getting noticed. Today one of the most prominent sources of our traffic is of course social media-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and many more. There is one though that always get’s left out. It is the unpopular ...

Rdio Acquires India’s Troubled Music Streaming Dhingana, will launch Rdio India this year

Rdio, popular online music service acquires India's troubled music streaming Dhingana. On last February 2014 announced their shutdown. Dhingana now has of over 1 million songs in 42 languages, Rdio to grab this. Dhingana’s website is now showing about Rdio's acquirement “Over the past seven years, Dhingana has worked hard to build a music platform that allows millions of ...