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The History of Nexus Smartphones

Nexus  is a line of consumer electronic devices that run the Android operating system. Search engine giant Google manages the design, development, marketing and support of these devices.So far five smartphones and three tablets has been come out from the Nexus family. Now we are expecting the release of Nexus 6. Nexus 6 could be the first device to ...

Affiliate Marketing Tips: How to get people to trust you

Affiliate marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a certain degree of interpersonal skills as well as salesmanship in order to get people to buy what you recommend. There are already tons of guides out there on affiliate marketing, so let’s not make this one just another guide. Today I will tell you ...

Turn Off Push Notifications in Facebook Messenger

Facebook messages start to disappear from the main app. Some users began to notice the change, but that it is not yet affecting all of Facebook's mobile device users.Users big complaint about Facebook messenger app is push notifications. In Messenger app settings, its only allowed to turn off notifications for an hour or until 8 a.m,the ...

Google Nexus 6 Specifications Leaked

Google's Nexus 6 specifications leaked. Motorola is working with Google to produce upcoming Nexus 6. The new device has the working name Motorola “Shamu'. Shamu is the name of a killer whale.Here is the specifications we can expect on Google Nexus 6Nexus 6 could be the first device to run the next version Android L Nexus ...

Social Media Apps with Highest Battery Drain Rate

Social networks are essential now today to communicate with friends and even business peoples too. Sometimes with the high battery drain rate of social media apps, that cause hurting your devices battery life.Here we are listing some social media Android apps with the high battery drain rate.1. FacebookWorld popular social networking sites Android app is ...